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Expert Evaluation

Lenka Sobotová, People in Need - Global Development Education section

„The methodology brings a number of original and creative impulses and new perspectives into particular lessons and also for the fulfillment of global development education objectives in general. It is not restricted to the educational goals only, but it also offers a set of ideas to the teachers in regards to the advancement of students’ skills (for instance during teamwork, with a text, etc.) and also, especially, it focuses on the formation of positive attitudes towards oneself and one’s surrounding… The methodology is complex; individual modules connect freely and develop apprehension and understanding of the local and global problems among pupils. It also encourages them to think and act upon them.“

„The methodology brings a new perspective into the Czech environment, especially on how to fulfill the objectives of global development and multicultural education. It is a source of inspiration not only for teachers and schools, but also for other institutions working in the field of formal and informal education… Moreover, the La Ngonpo methodology focuses on a partnership and cooperation among schools, without judging the cultural, geographic, and religious or any other specifics of any of the partners. Thus, it allows the pupils to create their own activities, incorporate their own opinion into the project and to foster mutual understanding and cooperation.“

Karin Majerová, M.O.S.T.

(a civil society that focuses on providing help to Tibet and Tibetan refugees in India, and to young Buddhist monks in the Indian Himalayas)

„…it is not a purpose of this methodology to include all cross-sectional topics as a whole. It focuses on a partial processing of two cross-sectional topics the most, education to think in a European and global context and multicultural education...Some of the activities within particular modules overlap with personal and social education too, as well as with environmental education. I consider a wide spectrum of the cross-sectional themes as positive. This scale helps to fulfill numerous aims of Framing Educational Program for Primary Education (FEP) of the Czech Ministry of Education. A connection of these themes with particular subjects following the educational areas as defined by FEP has also been done with success. The teachers are thus able to simply incorporate individual activities into education according to the notes in the methodology. The methodology also reflects a development of the basic key competencies implicit in FEP. In particular, there is a focus on the problem-solving and the development of communicative, social and personal competences of the pupils.“

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