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Conditions of Class Participation

  1. The basic condition of project participation is active involvement of pupils in class work.
  2. When teaching in accordance with the La Ngonpo methodology, a teacher encourages pupils to think about the topic and to look at it from various perspectives. The effort to look at the issue from different angles and to hear peers’ opinions can help the pupils to gain understanding of the relations between developed western societies and developing countries. It can also lead to acknowledgement of one’s value system and everything that influences it.
  3. Participating classes from both countries always go through the same topics in the same week of the school year. Because each topic of the methodology results from the previous one, it is necessary to follow the agreed timeline, and acknowledge that it is necessary to devote one lesson per week to this sort of education for the period of six months (generally September to November and March to May).
  4. At least once a month, but ideally once a week, it is necessary to assure that the pupils/students work with the computer, so they are able to put their work on the web and to see what has been uploaded by their friends.
  5. A teacher ensures after every La Ngonpo lesson that all work agreed to be put on the web has been uploaded in the agreed time. After each completed lesson, the pupils from Czech and Indian schools meet virtually on the web page, where they can exchange their experiences and information about what they have learned.
  6. The La Ngonpo subject does not always have to be taught during the same subject, but the teachers can split the topic into several subjects and conduct the lessons as needed.
  7. Because of communication with a partner Indian class, it is important that the teacher and pupils have at least basic communication skills in English.
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