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Thanks to funding from the European Commission and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a new methodology and a web site ( have been created as a meeting place for students and teachers of participating classes. Pupils and students receive 24 lessons and many online activities during a 6-month period. According to the original methodology, the representatives selected from pilot classes pass film photography workshops and courses. There will be a documentary about the lives of students from both countries and an exhibition that will consist of photos, as well as other outputs from the project. The exhibition will take place in several large towns in the Czech Republic and Ladakh.

Methodological Manual La Ngonpo

In 2010, our partner organization, NaZemi (OnEarth), created a guidance manual for teachers (hereinafter referred to as La Ngonpo Methodology), to discuss topics of multicultural education and global development education. The manual is available in Czech and English. It is written for teachers of Czech and Ladakhi students, using Czech and Ladakhi culture and activities designed to encourage interest in these countries. At the end of 2011, a universal version of the methodology was created to be used and understood by classes and teachers anywhere in the world.

Methodology Topics

The methodology follows the latest trends in teaching multicultural education and global development education. It works with a variety of interactive teaching techniques and encourages students to think about issues while looking at them from different angles. The methodology is working with six modules (topics):

  1. Circle (me, my identity, and everything that surrounds me)
  2. Hero (what is heroism and different views of who is a hero)
  3. Migration (from where we are going and what leads us to do)
  4. Water (life-giving fluid, and its meaning in our lives)
  5. Beauty (who creates the scale of beauty, what is beautiful)
  6. Together (together we can influence events on this planet)

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