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La Ngonpo in India

La Ngonpo (a project which is focused on multicultural education) was originally conceived as Czech-Ladakh. Ladakh is a part of India (see the map below). It was realised in the years 2010-2012 in the Czech republic and India thanks to the financial aid of European Commission and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It was supported by the cooperation of 6 organizations: Multikulturní centrum Praha, NaZemi, Základní článek Hnutí Brontosaurus Modrý kámen, Fundacja Nowa Ameryka, Moravian Mission Welfare Society in Leh and Secmol.

„La Ngonpo“ means a blue pass in Ladakhi. We use it like a metaphor because it can be understood as „a place for meeting people from all over the world“.

The project was even extended to Nepal in 2012 and to Africa in 2014.

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