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About World School Project

The aim of the Global Action Schools programme is to integrate global development education topics into the curricula and everyday activities at schools, with the emphasis on developing teachers’ capacities to provide quality education in these topics. We have been developing the concept of a Global Action School in the Czech Republic since 2006, when People in Need joined an international project of the same name. The Varianty Educational Programme of People in Need awards the Global Action School certificate in cooperation with other Czech non-governmental organizations that work on global development education.

Currently,  69Czech primary and secondary schools, as well as nearly two hundred schools around Europe, are proud holders of the Global school certificates. The basic philosophy of this programme is to support the education and preparation of students for life in a globalised world. This philosophy relies on a simple three-step methodology: learn – investigate – act. A school that chooses to join the programme and pursues certification should encourage active student participation supported by teachers.


A Global school is a place where…

  • global topics are a natural part of the curriculum and everyday life at the school;
  • students are actively engaged with current affairs around the world and follow the news from the developing world with guidance from a team of teachers;
  • students, teachers and the general public acquire information about global issues;
  • students identify local problems with a global reach and try to solve them;
  • an event is organized at least once a year in cooperation with a local partner organization;
  • contributing to resolving a specific issue is a common goal.

We provide methodological support to the schools participating in the Global Action School programme in order to help them integrate the interdisciplinary topics (Education in European and global themes, Environmental education, Democratic citizenship) into the curriculum. We also offer consultation during the process of integrating global development education topics into the existing programme. Additionally, we provide the possibility to participate in accredited seminars and courses on global topics (human rights, economic globalisation, poverty, etc.).

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